21 May 15

NYU – High Collar Dress (“The Attic” event)

i’m really excited to participate in "The Attic" event this month!

I decided to make this dress and "High Collar Dress", not sure what name to call those collars though.. do anyone know? :O

Hope u like!! ♥

Thank you Ashira (Miss 9sqm) for posing together with me in the pic! ♥

Event only lasts for 10 days till end of month, and all items are only 95L!

The Attic Slurl: http://ift.tt/1FDcq8z

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09 May 15

NYU – Anne Dress (On9)

Happy mothers’ day to all mums out there! ♥

I’m excited to participate in On9 event this month!

I made something vintage & minimal… kinda reminds me of Addams Family!

"ANNE DRESS" comes in 10 different colors, and 1 "secret" color is set to 30% off! Can you find it? :O

Event runs from 9th – 28th May!

Slurl: http://ift.tt/1dTDkwD

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18 Apr 15

NYU – Floral Blouse & Skater Skirt (Wayward Hunt)

yay i’m excited to join wayward hunt (formerly ZombiePopcorn) this season!

There’s a lot of really awesome stores participating and hopefully it’ll be fun for you!

This is my hunt item and this texture version will not be resold after the event ends (if you can find it at my mainstore!)

Hint: Stay healthy! Eat more veges!

Hunt starts from April 17th – May 1st

Have fun!!! ♥

Slurl: http://ift.tt/1CX9VGb

Wayward Hunt Flickr group: http://ift.tt/1wmv5kQ

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