After playing around and pranking friends in SL for a year, I decided to learn sculpting out of inspiration from some designer friends (hi maylee!), and eventually started a sculpt store name NyuConcepts. Sculpting was fun for a while but rather limited in details and flexibility.

When meshes was introduced in late 2011, I got really excited and decided to take a dip in meshes too. After weeks of intense learning, I created my very first mesh (a weird looking hat-scarf-thingie), and that motivated me to try out in designing as well.

In April 2012 I started my own line of  mesh apparels name NYU, focusing mainly on minimalism. Simple is beautiful and simple is more. At least that’s what I believes!

Soon after, I tried making accessories too (bags and shoes, etc)

Eventually, I took part in many great events I really enjoyed, like Fameshed, Arcade, c88, Vintage Fair, Hair Fair, Shoetopia, etc

So here we are! 3 years later, this website was started and now I’m typing funny things here!

I really want to thank everyone that supported my store even though I hate my own designs, I really don’t think they’re nice but I’m really happy there are people out there that likes them. As long as someone still likes my designs, I’ll keep going on!

Oh interesting fact! – Did you know… NyuNyu is actually my cat’s name! (yep! I stole her name! luckily she doesn’t know how to file copyright against me! hehehehe!)